ATV Quad Tours

We assemble at our Tinamaste’s beach road office at 8:00, or at your convenience. However, the earlier the better…

From there, we head into Las Tumbas (Valley of the Tombs) following the Diamante ridge and ancient Indian trails into pure Jurassic Park-like jungle where you will experience pristine waterfalls, crystal-clear mountain pools and stunning vistas. This truly takes you into the untamed Heart of Costa Rica!

We recommend you bring: sun block, sunglasses, hat, camera, fanny-pak for camera, swimwear and BIG smiles. Oh yes, dry clothes for afterwards, because you never know…

If you are visiting Costa Rica from May until January, we strongly suggest you bring rain gear. We are located in the rain forest and we often have afternoon showers. But, don’t let this deter you as these are some of the best months to visit as everything is sooo alive! If it rains while you’re here, embrace it and get out and enjoy it!

Pura Vida

Jungle Waterfall Coffee Tour

Our most popular tour.

We visit Diamante Falls (as close as we can get without a major trek) going to an ancient Indian burial ground overlooking the falls to an area I call: Big Medicine. It is truly a special place.
We follow the Diamante ridge through jungle and rain forest to San Luis waterfall where you have the opportunity to hike as close as you dare to the falls, then ride alongside coffee fields to the small mountain village of San Luis which offers an incredible valley view extending to the Pacific and our famous Whale’s Tail.
In San Luis, we visit Don Emilio’s a small organic coffee farm where you’ll see how coffee is processed (non-commercially) from bean to cup. Everyone absolutely loves this stop. The real Costa Rica right here.

5 hours

  • Top quality organic coffee.
  • Water, fruit juice and fruits are provided along the tour.
  • Lunch is not included as everyone does not want it. $10 extra and well worth it.
  • Easy hike involved.
  • Before booking your tours, please read ALL information at the bottom of this page! We are not responsible for your failure to do so

Single rider $120    Double riders $175

Countryside Waterfall Tour  featuring Chontales waterfall

October 26, 2017 I just did this ride yesterday and after our huge storm, it is incredible to roll through the countryside and see all the changes. Wow!   It has a little bit of everything involved with a bit more ground covered than our other tours. You pass massive stands of bamboo, remote tico farms, visit my favorite roadside pools, Morenas waterfall, an awesome lava flow that now forms steps for water. The trip’s highlight could very well be Chontales waterfall where you can get as up close and personal as you want or dare. It is jaw dropping. After that, we head to La Rana Roja a really cool sustainable aquaculture project where you’ll enjoy an excellent lunch.

  • 20-30 minute moderate hike involved to reach the falls
  • Approximately 6+ hours

$180 single rider   $250 double



Honeymoon/Anniversary/Life Celebration Exclusive Private Tour

This private guided tour leads you to waterfalls, romantic river pools and other secret, private places (we’ll have to blindfold you) to celebrate your occasion.  We will talk with you in advance and tailor your tour to meet your desires.

  • All amenities included.
  • Approximately 6 hours   8am-2pmish

$300 double riders


Please note: NONE of our ATV Tours are fast, blow through the countryside tours. We offer tranquilo, scenic, experience the REAL Costa Rica Tours. If you want an ‘Extreme’ fix, then try our BadAss River Canyoning Adventure Tour.

We recommend you bring: sun block, sunglasses, hat, camera, fanny-pak for camera, swimwear and BIG smiles. Oh yes, dry clothes for afterwards, because you never know…

Double riders are not recommended for tall, or large, folks. The ATV seats are not all that big.

No experience? No worries. Our ATV’s are very easy to operate.

We reserve the right to reroute tours due to inclement weather.

Please, please, please: if your kids are under 16 and do not have solid, verifiable  (I will take them for a test ride) riding experience (dirt bike or ATV), do not schedule them as riders. I will not permit them to operate an ATV without solid operating experience.

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Tour for tour and dollar for dollar, Diamante Verde Tours offer some of the best tours in Costa Rica.

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